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Castleknock Electrics - Fire Alarm and electrical services in the Dublin area

Fire Alarm installation and maintenance is the core business of Castleknock Electrics. We are committed to providing the complete range of cutting-edge fire detection and protection systems

Why you need a fire alarm
  • Protect your staff and customers
  • Protect your property
  • Reduce your Insurance costs
  • Comply with legislation
Why Castleknock Electric?
  • Full range of fire detection systems
  • Irish Standard IS3218 compliant
  • Suitable for fire certificate
  • RECI-approved installation
What we provide
  • Control panels
  • Smoke, fire and heat sensors
  • Call points (break glass in emergency)
  • Beam detectors
  • Bells and sirens
  • Door retainers
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Both wired and wireless implementations


While many building owners/managers have installed fire alarms in their premises, few take the critical step of ensuring that their systems are properly maintained in the following years. Annual testing is paramount in ensuring that the system keeps protecting the building and it's occupants. We offer thorough testing and maintenance services. Each individual element of the fire alarm system is fully tested. Any problems are listed and a proposal for the required work is prepared.

Every year, 50 people are killed in Ireland in fire-related accidents. 65% of businesses fail to reopen after a serious fire.

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, survey and quotation, please see our contact page.

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